Stylage Bi-SOFT

Stylage Bi-SOFT® – Re-Inventing the Traditional Syringe

In its continuing quest for innovative excellence in medical aesthetics, Laboratories VIVACY, have developed a newgeneration injection delivery system, Bi-SOFT®, to support physicians in their daily practice by providing them greater precision, comfort, and control during the injection of VIVACY’s dermal fillers.


Patented Technology

The VIVACY’s main design challenge was to find a compromise between stability and maneuverability, which may be crucial for certain aesthetic applications. To achieve this, the center of gravity of the new Bi-SOFT® syringe was placed near the second edge of the piston closer to the physician’s hand to increase the stability of the syringe when the pressure on the thumb rest is strong.

In addition, such positioning makes the syringe fold naturally into the palm of the physician’s hand to obtain excellent repeatability of the positioning of the syringe in their hands.


Bi-Material Technology

The body of the syringe including barrel, plunger and luer tip are made of transparent medical-grade polycarbonate material. The “soft-touch” parts of the syringe, made from TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer), provide extra grip and stability between the surface and the physician’s gloves. It also reduces the injection force sensation, especially when using high-viscosity volumising HA products.


Outstanding Design

The new Bi-SOFT® syringes are ergonomically designed to be easy to use by young, as well as highly experienced users. The concave-shaped surface of the finger flange with the lifted edges helps avoid a lateral sliding of the doctor’s fingers from the gripping surface, and thereby secure the injection gesture.

The syringes are designed in five different unique colors to help quickly identify the VIVACY’s injectables.

In addition, an increase of its gripping surface gives to the physician a greater freedom in the injection angles, making product administration easier.


Aspiration Test

The physician can perform aspiration test, if necessary, thanks to the special marks located on the surface of the grip plate.

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